Portrait Retouching

Our portrait retouching begins with the process of the RAW image, bringing the most of the image with a natural colour, we continue cleaning the background, garments, flying hairs, and finishes focusing on maintaining the natural beauty of the subjects, removing temporary blemishes, reducing those of concern, like age signs, while embracing their features.

Hi-End Retouching

Our head retoucher, Eduardo Calvo, specialises on hi-end retouching for commercial, fashion and beauty photographers, where attention to detail is critical. His non-destructive process brings out the best out of the images, maintaining a natural look and colour.

Composite Retouching

Our composite retouching deals with problems encountered during the shoot, where elements couldn’t be photographed together, as well as creating impossible scenes.

Please visit the Before/After section to see some examples of our retouching.
Let us know about your retouching needs, we look forward to hearing about your next project.