RAW Processing & Colour Correction

RAW Processing in Lightroom

Available worldwide, our raw processing and colour correction services are custom designed to suit the most demanding professional photographers. We work side by side with the artists in order to accommodate their workflows’ needs as well as deliver results beyond expectations.
Our raw processing is made over fully calibrated stations with Eizo ColorEdge monitors. We take advantage of Adobe’s Ligthroom’s Smart Previews, a smart way to send safely hundreds of raw images online using cloud services like Dropbox.

Our difference

In order to achieve the consistency professional photographers demand you will always work with the same photo editor, trained and supervised by hi-end retoucher Eduardo Calvo.

We offer confidentiality, consistency and a 3 working day turnaround time.

Our Process

Our standard raw processing service will cover all adjustments done to the whole image, white balance, colour correction, exposure, contrast, shadows and highlights recovery, lens correction, etc. Our consistent adjustments will match your signature style or will have a neutral, slightly warm look, great contrast, while ensuring no detail is lost in both highlights and shadows.

Local Adjustments

When it comes to lighten up a face or darken the sky and make it rich blue, Lightroom has great tools, like the adjustments brush or the graduated and radial filters. We can apply them to those areas that concern you or, if you prefer, where we think your image will benefit considerably from them. Typical examples include lighting dark parts of an image, correcting skin tones or dodging & burning in order to bring attention to a certain part of the photograph.


If further editing is necessary in your images, our retouching services will take care of that for you. Head swapping, object removal, sky replacement, wrinkle reduction are some examples of the editing we can help you with.