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Round Colour is a photography post production studio based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer a wide range of services to meet the professional photographers' needs. With over 10 years of experience in digital imaging, we use the latest technology and our knowledge of the digital workflow to produce the best quality output with the turnaround time today's professional photographer expects. Our goal is to help our clients with the post production duties, allowing them to focus on more important tasks, their business and customers.


Fine-Art Printing
Wall & Albums


Digital Editing

Colour correction, retouching, selective dodge & burn. Creative editing.


Before/After Examples
http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/c1_wedding_a.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/c2_wedding_a.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/bw_wedding_a.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/HER_af.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/pint.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/annette.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/ros.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/dub.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/jose.jpg http://d36qisaxgt782m.cloudfront.net/roundcolour/images/cc_wedding_a.jpg

Web Design

Template or Exclusive Design. Password protected galleries with e-store


Social Media

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